Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the interior of the tooth and treats endodontic injuries with dentures. During endodontic treatment, the nerve and vessels are removed from the pulp chamber at the center of the tooth and from the root canals, they get disinfected and restored. The dentist seals the root tubes well with a special sealant, gutta-percha .

Tooth decay

Dental teeth need to be restored as soon as possible because they have an increased tendency to break. The procedure for the restoration of the decayed teeth usually involves the use of endotracheal resin shafts and crowns.


Thanks to denervation and proper restoration and protection, the tooth can continue to function for many years without problems. Fortunately, progress in the field of Endodontics now allows the treatment to be completed painlessly in a few sessions, perhaps in just one!

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